I started using GitHub Actions.

GitHub Actions (and Azure Pipelines) has the advantage that it can be defined in units of Action compared to like Travis CI.
I didn’t want to write scripts every time, so I decided to release the original Action.
This is install-azcopy-action.

In this article, I wouldn’t write about this Action.
See the link above and the GitHub repo for details.

How to make GitHub Actions

Please refer to the official polite documentation.

I implemented with “JavaScript action”.

The code itself is based on a template repository for writing in TypeScript, which is officially provided.

It was the first time I…

I’m following this flow.

1. Implement the finished product on the Azure Portal
2. Export the template on the Azure Portal
3. Edit on Visual Studio Code
4. Deployment test on the Azure Portal(go back one step if there is a problem)

Implement finished product on Azure Portal

If there is no finished product, nothing goes on to check the operation.
Write based on what you have.

Export template on Azure portal

Export the template as described in the following document.

It needs a lot of times to write from scratch, so it is quick to export.

It’s a bit sad that parameters like Subscription Id and Resource Group Name are…

Kohei Akiyama

Azure Solution Architect / especially focused PaaS,DevOps

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